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A Reliable Source for All of Our Customers' Needs

When booking a load with deBoer Transportation Inc., a customer service manager immediately plans with the assistance of global optimization, the efficient and timely pick up and delivery of that load to the customer's satisfaction.

The professionally trained drivers of deBoer Transportation Inc. ensure that freight is carefully handled and delivered at the scheduled delivery appointment time.  Via our satellite tracking system, each load is constantly monitored while in transit. 


  • Logistics
  •      A source to handle a customers additional capacity, or lanes that do not fit deBoer's truck network. We work with reliable and safe partner carriers who have met stringent qualifications before becoming a deBoer partner carrier. Shipments moving through deBoer's logistics department are managed by your current customer service representative.
  • Intermodal
  •      deBoer specializes in TOFC (trailer on flat car) expedited service, utilzing the expedited train service. In most cases deBoer provides both the pick up and delivery drayage, and the load moves on standard deBoer 53 foot dry vans, moving at legal weights. This option provides a source to move additional capacity, at service levels equal or better then standard single over the road transit times, and competitive door to door rates. Load tracking is available, to assure on-time service is met. All intermodal traffic is handled through the customers normal customer service representative, just like standard over the road shipments moving on deBoer trucks.
  • Dedicated Fleet
  •      deBoer's dedicated services can elminate the liability of a customers PTO, and use that capital to better support the customers business base. Our dedicated services division utilizes deBoer's extensive freight network to continue to seek ways to reduce the customers costs, and offer revenue sharing programs to support these cost reductions. Guarantee capacity at costs below existing PTO cost levels, are found when utilizing the deBoer dedicated fleet.
  • Specialized Equipment
  •      Whether if its refridgerated shipments, heavy haul equipment, oversize, or flatbeds and stepdecks, deBoer's specialized division can provide the equipment required. We assure that all permits, and equipment meet the customers requirements, and seek to provide the highest quality of service at a cost that is sensitive to the customers transportation budget.
  • Mexican Service
  •      deBoer provides door to door service and rates, for all points between Mexico and the United States. We offer trailer service to markets that connect with our border locations in El Paso, Laredo, and Pharr TX